What is Autonomous Internet?

Autonomous or Non-Stop Internet is about how your traffic is routed on the Internet and how you can take control of that routing, by moving away from traditional provider-based default routing to provider-independent Autonomous Routing with Zero Risk.

Implementing Autonomous Internet introduces substantial advantages:

With Autonomous Internet you are no longer just 'connected' to the Internet: you are Provider Independent and your organisation is one of the over 20.000 that use Autonomous Routing which together make up what is known as the Internet Backbone.

Have a look at the Open Shopping List to see how you can become autonomous. Or read Autonomous Routing, Non-Stop Internet and Zero Risk Architecture for more details about the technical side and redundancy features of Autonomous Internet.

Open Peering is highly specialized in implementing Autonomous Internet and has a long and impressive track record. Call (+31 70 363 16 61) or mail (sales@openpeering.nl) for more information.