BGP4 Network - Course


In cooperation with Iljitsch van Beijnum, author of the O'Reilly book "BGP" (ISBN0-596-00254-9), and the NL-ix Internet Exchange, Open Peering gives a BGP4 course for ISP's four times a year.

The course has a € 495 fee per person.


For who is the course?

This course is ideal for both people with hardly any technical knowledge of routing who want to get a feeling what routing on Internet and BGP is about, and for people with some routing and maybe even BGP experience who want to know refresh their knowledge, want to know more details or want to get hands-on experience.

Program of the course

The course has a theory part (morning) and a practical workshop part (afternoon) in which groups of 2 people actually setup a BGP configuration on a router (Cisco, Foundry or Zebra) and configure transit and peering over an Internet Exchange with other course participants. With the course each participant will receive the book "BGP" as course material and as documentation to take home.

Theory part (morning)

  • Routing in general (routers, subnets, routing protocols);
  • What does BGP do and how does it work;
  • IP addresses (address blocks, CIDR);
  • PI/PA addresses and AS numbers (how do RIPE requests work);
  • BGP route selection mechanisms;
  • Influencing BGP (route maps/policies);
  • Peer groups;
  • Tools (whois, looking glass);
  • Recent issues (MD5);
  • Question round.

Hands-on part (afternoon)

  • Activate BGP;
  • Filtering and advertising outgoing routes;
  • Accepting and filtering incoming routes;
  • Connecting to a transit provider;
  • Setting up peering;
  • Manipulating outgoing traffic (localpref);
  • Manipulating incoming traffic (AS path prepend);
  • Peer groups;
  • Filtering for security;
  • Recent issues (MD5);
  • Question round.


Open Peering
BGP4 Course (incl. BGP book)
One-off € 495,-



The course is held in the Haagse Hogeschool in The Hague.


We have room for maximum 10 attendants, assigned based on the order of registration.


The language of the theoretical part alternates per course between a Dutch and English presentation, although questions in Dutch are no problem during an English presentation. During the workshop part both English and Dutch is spoken on each course. The course starts at 10:00 and ends at 16:00 hours.


Coffee, thee and lunch are included with the course.

More info, course dates and registration form

You can find more info on the course and the course dates on the registration page on the NL-ix website.