Company - Mission

Open Peering is specialized (and market leader) in Autonomous Internet and has a long and succesful track record in assisting both Provider and Business customers to achieve maximal results from implementing and running an Autonomous Internet network.

Autonomous Internet

Advantages of Autonomous Internet are better reliability (non-stop), lower costs (up to 90% less), better performance (shorter paths, wirespeed), better control over reliability and performance, short and long term independence of other parties (providers) and flexibility.


The Autonomous Internet market consists of basically every party which either has a substantial traffic volume, a substantial end user group or provides products or services for which availability (100% uptime), performance and independence is strategic and mission critical.

Example customer groups are access, hosting and service providers, the content and media branch (e.g. newspapers, tv), on-line shops, companies with large customer portals, the financial branch (e.g. banks) and government entities. Open Peering has over 100 active customers.

Expertise and Services

Open Peering helps parties by providing all knowledge and technical ingredients required for implementation of Autonomous Internet like Internet Addresses (AS number, provider independent IP addresses), a BGP4 Network (routers, configuration, 24*7 support, courses, etc.), Neutral Datacenter rackspace, Internet Exchange connections and Peering & Transit routing.

Non-Profit Activities

Apart from its commercial services Open Peering also actively promotes the general concept of open and settlement free peering in the Autonomous Internet.

To support that effort Open Peering operates a free not-for-profit MLPA (Multi Lateral Peering Agreement) based route exchange service on NL-ix, AMS-IX and GN-IX, as well as a MLPA Registry service, where the signed agreements are kept.