MLPA Participants and Statistics


This page shows all currently (October 17, 2017) registered parties which have signed the Open Peering Multi-Lateral Peering Agreement (MLPA) and the parties which have setup a BGP routing session with Open Peering under this MLPA. This does not include Bilateral Peering or commercial transit customer sessions.

MLPA Participants - Statistics

Participants 120
- with session(s) 0
- without session 120
This list with all MLPA Routing participants (which have a BGP session) is also registered in the RIPE routing database by AS number or AS-SET under object AS-OPENPEERINGMEMBERS.

MLPA Routing - Session statistics

BGP sessions 0
Please notice this is NOT the total amount of peering sessions of Open Peering. Apart from the MLPA sessions Open Peering also has a large amount of standard Bilateral Peering sessions and commercial transit customer sessions. Per Januari 1, 2009, Open Peering in total had 500+ BGP sessions with +/-  300 different peer AS numbers.

MLPA Routing - Route statistics

Routes 6.098
- NL coverage +/- 10%
- Global coverage 2,4%
MLPA Peer AS numbers 108
Route source AS numbers +/- 500
These are the route statistics as they where per Januari 1, 2009. Please notice this only describes MLPA Routing and does NOT describe the coverage of the NL Routing product, which is much larger: +/- 98% of all Dutch Internet destinations and in total 57.530 routes.

All MLPA Participants and Routing sessions
The MLPA member list is also available for download as tab or comma seperated file.

Name AS AS Macro Since Exchange
1&1 Internet AS8560 AS-AS-1AND1 2002-06-24
Alken Internet AS50930 2010-05-04
AMSIO AS8315 AS-AS-AMSIO 2006-03-29
ANO RIPN AS5568 AS-AS-RBNET 2005-03-07
Aspider Solutions International AS196640 2009-11-20
Base IP AS34305 AS-AS-BASEIP 2004-11-15
BIT AS12859 AS-AS-BIT 2001-05-16
BroadbandONE AS19151 AS-AS-BBOI 2005-11-20
CAIW Netwerken AS15435 AS-AS-KABELFOON 2002-06-24
Caveo Internet AS24642 AS-AS-CAVEO 2006-02-14
CB3ROB AS34109 AS-AS-CB3ROB 2009-01-09
CBizz AS30925 AS-AS-CBIZZ 2007-06-20
CJ2 Hosting B.V. AS39704 AS-AS-CJ2 2006-12-12
CLIQ AS56738 2011-06-24
Colocenter AS58291 AS-AS-COLOCENTER 2013-04-05
ComNed Netwerken AS29640 2004-03-24
Computel Standby AS31383 AS-AS-COMPUTEL 2004-06-04
Dalnet IRC AS31800 2007-11-14
DataCT AS30806 2003-12-30
DELTA Kabelcomfort AS15542 AS-AS-ZEELANDNET 2004-11-29
Digital Residence AS47207 AS-AS-DIGIRES 2008-06-09
DigitalOcean AS14061 2014-07-11
Digitalus Internet Services AS29590 AS-AS-DIGITALUS 2004-10-09
DirectVPS AS29028 2007-01-19
DMA Computer Services AS29001 2006-04-13
Docler Holding AS34655 AS-AS-DOCLER 2006-08-11
DSD Automatisering AS29462 2007-11-01
Duocast AS31477 AS-AS-DUOCAST 2005-04-07
Eatserver AS42949 2007-10-08
Ecatel AS29073 AS-AS-ECATEL 2007-06-05
Ericsson Telecomunicatie B.V. AS20969 AS-AS-NOB 2007-08-15
EspritXB AS8608 AS-AS-QINIP 2006-06-14
eTelecom AS31500 AS-AS-ETELECOM-2 2007-11-30
Eurofiber Nederland AS44953 AS-AS-ISICONNEXION 2009-01-06
Evertje Networks AS47407 AS-AS-EVERTJENETWORKS 2008-08-22
FiberRing AS38930 AS-AS-FIBERRING 2009-07-21
Flatbox Facilities AS35829 AS-AS-QCC 2006-06-14
Fundaments AS20559 AS-AS-FUNDAMENTS 2009-03-09
Garnier Projects AS24730 AS-AS-NETHOLDING 2002-03-25
Gasunie Nederlandse AS56953 2011-06-22
Gemeente Den Haag AS29263 AS-AS-HAAGNET 2005-03-16
Gemeente Heerlen AS38915 AS-AS-HEERLEN 2006-03-30
Globecomm Europe AS24753 AS-AS-GCE 2008-11-28
gnTel AS41153 AS-AS-GNTEL 2007-03-05
Greenhost AS47172 2009-02-06
Gyron Internet AS29017 AS-AS-GYRON 2007-09-07 AS25433 AS-AS-HENZ 2005-06-01 AS49544 AS-AS-INTERACTIVE3D 2009-11-20
IC&S AS28836 AS-AS-ICSNL 2007-06-20
IELO AS29075 AS-AS-IELO 2011-04-12
IN2IP AS34141 AS-AS-IN2IP 2005-11-27 AS20953 AS-AS-INFO 2002-03-20
Init7 (Switzerland) AS13030 AS-AS-INIT7 2003-12-18
InterBox Internet AS16298 AS-AS-INTERBOX 2002-03-11
Intermax Facilitair AS24586 AS-AS-INTERMAX 2005-04-27
Internet Valley 2004-12-10
InterXS AS30913 2004-08-12
InTouch (AS8954) AS8954 2004-12-07
ISP Services AS-AS-ISPSERVICES 2003-04-15
Its Hosted AS50655 AS-AS-ITSHOSTED 2012-01-09
Kantonsschule Zug AS34288 AS-AS-KSZ 2010-09-13
KDISS AS31586 2004-01-31
LeaseWeb Network AS16265 AS-AS-LEASEWEB 2002-09-17
Lidero Networks AS25466 AS-AS-LIDERONET 2008-02-24
Linx Telecommunications AS3327 AS-AS-LINXTELECOM-AMSIX 2007-03-20
Localphone AS42884 AS-AS-LOCALPHONE 2007-06-18 AS12902 AS-AS-LUNA 2002-05-16
M247 Ltd. AS33970 AS-AS-OHTELE 2006-11-22
Mainlab AS35329 AS-AS-MAINLAB-AMS 2002-03-21 AS31576 AS-AS-31576-CLIENTS 2008-04-22
Meanie AS31019 AS-AS-MEANIE 2011-06-23
Mediacaster AS41038 AS-AS-MEDIACASTER 2006-07-10
Metamicro Automatisering AS41037 2006-08-25
NAP of Amsterdam 2006-03-31
NedZone AS25459 AS-AS-NEDZONE 2004-12-24
NerdNet AS5418 2005-09-19
Net Ground AS41445 AS-AS-NETGROUND 2006-12-08
NL Hosting Internet BV AS24793 2009-01-06
NXS Internet AS16237 AS-AS-NXS 2001-05-16
One Networks 2009-02-24
Open Peering AS20562 AS-AS-OPENPEERING 2004-03-25
Ordina Application Outsourcing & Projecten AS20867 2004-02-20
OSSO 2007-11-01
Pe NetLogics AS39637 AS-AS-NETLOGICS 2006-04-07
Perrit AS35579 AS-AS-PERRIT 2008-08-12
Petit Telecom AS197156 AS-AS-PETIT 2011-01-25
Phibee Telecom AS8487 AS-AS-PHIBEE-TELECOM 2011-09-22
Pine Digital Security AS12854 AS-AS-PINE 2006-11-16
PINS AS20747 AS-AS-PINS 2002-09-13
Port80 AS16150 AS-AS-AS16150:CUSTOMERS 2004-12-23
Portlane AS42708 2012-06-13
Previder AS20847 AS-AS-PREVIDER 2002-06-04
ProcoliX AS51758 AS-AS-PROCOLIX 2011-03-18
Progressix AS43293 AS-AS-PROXILITY 2007-08-16
Prolocation AS41887 AS-AS-PROLOCATION 2009-01-12
RapidSwitch Ltd AS29131 AS-AS-RAPIDSWITCH 2006-08-09
Rijndata AS42755 AS-AS-RIJNDATABV 2012-08-10
RIPE NCC - RIS AS12654 2002-03-04
RoutIT AS28685 AS-AS-ROUTIT 2003-03-05
RTL Nederland Interactief AS20504 2001-05-17
SC Web Software Development AS47836 AS-AS-ACWEBCONNECTING 2012-09-08
SevenP AS35027 2005-07-22
SIDN AS1140 AS-AS-SIDN 2013-12-03
Signet AS28878 AS-AS-SIGNET 2003-06-18
Sitebytes AS31680 AS-AS-SITEBYTES 2005-03-21
Spotler Holding AS51514 AS-AS-SPOTLER 2012-03-30
Telegraaf Media ICT AS34106 AS-AS-TELEGRAAF 2005-07-25
Trans-iX AS30870 AS-AS-TRANSIX 2016-03-30
True AS15703 AS-AS-TRUE 2002-05-17
Tuxis AS197731 AS-AS-TUXIS 2011-07-18
UNET AS29396 AS-AS-UNET 2005-04-14
Unilogic Networks AS28788 AS-AS-UNILOGICNET 2003-06-05
Voipro Nederland AS43437 2009-02-24
WideXS AS12573 AS-AS-WIDEXS 2008-10-10
Xenosite BV AS15426 AS-AS-XENOSITE 2002-06-04
XL Internet Services AS35470 AS-AS-XLIS 2008-09-16
Zeeuwse Kempen AS5612 AS-AS-HNHW8 2005-07-01
Ziggo AS9143 AS-AS-BENELUX 2005-08-01
Zylon Internet Services AS8312 AS-AS-ZYLON 2005-04-08