Peering & Transit - NL Routing


NL Routing provides instant access to practically 100% of the Dutch Internet 'last mile' over direct dark fiber connections deeply into the local DSL and cable access networks, as well as massive capacity right up to the doorstep of 98% of all Dutch content.

The NL Routing product eliminates the need for doing your own peering, although in a Non-Stop configuration we still advise to setup direct peering with a selection (Top-25) of large networks for redundancy purposes.

NL Routing product range starts with at 250 Euro per month for a 100 Mbit/s port. At the other end of the spectrum is a flat rate unlimited 10 Gbit/s port for 1.500 Euro per month (both 3 year contracts).


User experience

The NL Routing service is heavily aimed at improving user experience. This includes minimal round-trip times for traffic, maximum available bandwidth and Non-Stop availability.

Open Peering implements this by shortening the physical path between sender and receiver, using direct 10 gigabit dark fibers deeply into both access and content networks, using routers and switches featuring ultra-low forwarding-delay and implementing physical redundancy, circumventing public Internet Exchanges as primary path where possible (still using exchanges as backup path).

Access to 100% of the eyeballs (pull traffic - the last mile for Internet access)

NL Routing delivers your content at extremely high performance (low delay, maximum bandwidth, maximum availability) to practically all end users in the Netherlands, while at the same time minimizing cost per user for large content providers.

With this product Open Peering brings content deeply into Dutch access networks, eliminating all potential performance hogs in between. Specifically for this purpose Open Peering has direct dark fiber connections into the networks of all major DSL and cable providers in the Netherlands.

Access to 98% of the content (push traffic)

For Access Providers, and for companies for which Internet Access for their personnel is mission critical, Open Peering makes internet content available at maximum performance and reliability, with the NL Routing product.

For this purpose Open Peering has direct connections to practically all Dutch Internet Content Providers, either using direct fibers or using one or more public Internet Exchanges, or both.

Key advantages

  • Reliable:
    • Fully diverse and redundant paths to majority of The Netherlands;
    • Dutch routing as a managed service;
    • Routing is monitored and supported by 24*7 NOC.

  • Cost efficient:
    • Simple (only one BGP session) and inherently ultra low maintenance;
    • Locally available on all relevant datacenters in Amsterdam;
    • Predictable and budgetable flat rate price;
    • Only a fraction of global transit costs; up to 90% cheaper;
    • Up to 50% cheaper then doing your own peering.

  • User experience is key;
    • Up to 100% coverage of all Dutch Internet eyeballs and content;
    • Direct 10 gigabit fibers, right into the backbones of all relevant cable and DSL access networks;
    • Direct connection to practically all Internet Content Providers;
    • Short and sub-millisecond paths to all destinations;
    • Incredible wirespeed capacity: over 100 Gbit/s.

  • Zero Risk;
    • Over 100 customers in all market segments subscribed already;
    • Only company 100% specialized in Autonomous Routing on the market;
    • Service backed by a formal commercial contract.


The NL Routing products of Open Peering are delivered either over a dedicated VLAN on an existing Internet Exchange, or on a 10 Gigabit fiber port directly into one or more of the Open Peering core routers.

The routing is delivered over a BGP session over which currently +/- 35.000 routes (destinations) of +/- 2.500 Dutch source networks (AS'es) are advertised to you to route your outgoing (push) traffic to.
At the same time your routes are distributed to +/- 2.500 Dutch networks in order to attract your incoming (pull) traffic.

Apart from at least +/- 98% of Dutch coverage this brings you almost 20% Global Coverage as well, without extra costs.

In total Open Peering currently has around 100 Gbit/s of backbone capacity available into the Netherlands.


An essential feature of NL Routing is that it works bidirectionally, so both your outgoing (push) and incoming (pull) Dutch traffic is handled symmetrically by the service.

Older generation or alternative services combine a form of Dutch routing with Global Transit, but provide only outgoing (push) routing, and handle all incoming (pull) traffic asymmetrically via the expensive and lower capacity/performance global transit service.

Alternative solutions using either the domainname (does it end on ".nl") or the block of IP addresses (is it registered in the RIPE routing database as an "Country: NL" block) of the remote party are financially very unreliable (often mark way to much traffic has "expensive" non-Dutch) and actually handle all traffic via slower global transit.


NL Routing 100 Mbit/s


Open Peering
NL Routing
100 Mbit/s
Contract duration 1 year 2 years 3 years
Initial € 500,- € 500,- € 500,-
Monthly recurring € 450,- € 350,- € 250,-

NL Routing 1.000 Mbit/s


Open Peering
NL Routing
1.000 Mbit/s
Contract duration 1 year 2 years 3 years
Initial € 750,- € 750,- € 750,-
Monthly recurring € 1.000,- € 750,- € 650,-

NL Routing 10 Gbit/s


Open Peering
NL Routing
10 Gbit/s
Contract duration 1 year 2 years 3 years
Initial € 6.000,- € 2.000,- € 0,-
Monthly recurring € 1.750,- € 1.650,- € 1.500,-


Includes NL-ix access

The NL Routing product in the price includes a port on the NL-ix Internet Exchange and access to the NL-ix peering VLAN.


The NL Routing product at 100 Mbit/s and 1 Gbit/s is available on all NL-ix datacenters.

At 10.000 Mbit/s the product is readily available at the euNetworks, GlobalSwitch, Interxion AMS5, Nikhef, SARA, Telecity1, Telecity2, Telecity3 (Redbus) datacenters. At other datacenters special pricing applies.


  • 100 Mbit/s ports are available on RJ45/UTP connector only;
  • 1 Gbit/s ports are offered on multimode fiber (SX/850nm) by default, but also available on singlemode fiber (LX/1310 nm) at an additional initial fee of € 500,-;
  • 10 Gbit/s ports are available on singlemode fiber (LR/1310nm) exclusively.

Does not include patchcable

The demarcation point of the service is the port on the NL-ix switch on the datacenter. After an order is placed with Open Peering, in the order confirmation a NL-ix port ID will be assigned. With that port ID the customer can order the patchcable from its equipment to the NL-ix port with the datacenter directly.

Delivery time

Delivery time of all products is max 10 working days, but generally we can do it (much) faster. Please reserve some time (a few days) after this order delivery to jointly thoroughly check on both sides if the connection is 100% okay before taking it into production.