BGP4 Network - Setup


The initial configuration of a BGP4 network (routers) is very important to take full advantage of the features of autonomous routing and to achieve stability and optimal use from day one.

The initial BGP4 Setup can be outsourced to Open Peering on a Turn-Key basis. Outsourcing the initial setup is essential for the Open Peering Zero Risk Guarantee. Configuration of one router is € 900,-.


What does it include?

Initial BGP4 setup includes setup up all required BGP sessions, internally (iBGP), to transit providers and peers (eBGP). On all sessions filters and routing policies need to be installed to make sure the routes are accepted and announced only if the comply exactly to the designed routing policy. Configuring VRRP redundancy between routers is also part of the BGP4 Setup.

What does it not include?

Installing or upgrading the Operating System (especially on software routers) is not part of the BGP setup.

What does it include conditionally?

Configuring ethernet interfaces, VLAN's, interface IP addresses and static routes on software routers is part of the Operating System, and therefor not of the BGP4 Setup. On hardware routers however, the OS, interface, IP and static routing config are so tightly integrated in one config, that it is difficult to separate them, and therefor they are part of the BGP4 Setup then.


Open Peering can take care of the BGP4 Setup of a network, whether it is one router of a fully Non-Stop redundant setup with two routers.

Open Peering
BGP4 Setup
(1 router)
(2 routers)
One-off € 900,- € 1.350,-

When the routers that need to be configured have been bought with Open Peering, there is an efficiency advantage and package discount of 1/3rd of the price. Tariffs are then € 600,- and € 900,- for one and two routers respectively.


Not on-site

The configuration is not done on-site but only either in the Open Peering NOC or over the Internet or a dial-in connection. The customer is responsible for the transport of the routers to and from the NOC, or remote access to the unconfigured routers.

Not on-demand

Configuration can take up to 10 working days. It is not possible to the configuration 'on-demand' during a customer visit.


A Non-Stop configuration of two routers is based on a simultaneous configuration of two identical routers within one network (AS) in a load balancing or failover configuration.